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Contact Us Today! Toll Free 1-877-775-2211 or e-mail us at

Contact Us Today! Toll Free 1-877-775-2211 or e-mail us at
Walkie Stackers

Walkie Stackers are the perfect solution to the ever-decreasing warehouse or loading dock space that requires smaller equipment to do more work. At SEI Equipment Corporation, we carry a full line of efficient, powerful, and ergonomic walkie stackers to make your operation more productive. Our solutions range from the Swift model capable of lifting a ton to the EJB 35, which can lift up to heights of 206 inches.

Versatility for the Workplace
Whatever your needs, we have the right stacker truck to get the job done right. The Swift, for instance, is small on the outside, but powerful enough to work in warehouses and other industrial locations. Its compact design, though, makes it ideal for non-industrial settings, too, like repair shops or in the retail sector.

The SW 22 is designed for medium-duty material handling applications. It can lift up to 2,200 pounds and, like each of our walkie stackers, features the latest in ergonomic controls; they make operation comfortable, convenient, and safe for your employees. All of the important control functions are at the operator's fingertips, reducing the chance for injuries or accidents.

The EJB 35 is our heavy duty walkie stacker, built with a rugged steel frame; in fact, since each of our products is built in America, you can trust its durability and quality construction. For extra safety, this unit has a "deadman" braking system--activated when the control handle is released by the operator--and automatic rollback protection on inclines, making it ideal for loading on and off ramps.

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