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Contact Us Today! Toll Free 1-877-775-2211 or e-mail us at
Drum Filling

At SEI Equipment, we carry a wide range of material handling supplies, including top-of-the-line drum fillers. Like all of our products, our drum fillers feature the quality and innovation that has made us a respected leader in the industry since 1982. We carry equipment that can be tailored to your operation, and we have the knowledge to help you find the best solutions; ask our specialists, and we'll get you set up right.

Innovative Options Give You More Flexibility
Our fillers come with a variety of options, helping you get the most out of your equipment for your particular needs. The more efficient your operation, the more productive--and profitable--your business can be, so it's important to customize your operation as much as possible. Our container fillers, for one thing, can be configured for metal, plastic, or fiber drums.

Our C.I.P. (clean in place) filling lances are an innovative option if you need to replace lances often, or if your operation requires cleaning them while the machine is still filling. Some containers need sub-surface filling, while others require a top-filling system; our fillers can accommodate whatever option works best for you. Our DS-2A gives you further options--you can fill containers from 15 to 55 gallons.

Call us with the specifics you need, and we'll find the best equipment for the job. Our durable, made-in-America products are built to last for years. Try our equipment and see why we've been a leader in the industry for more than two decades!

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Other Drum Handling Products
DH800 :: Non Rotating Drum Hauler provides a completely ergonomic solution for handling drums over manual handling

Ultra Grip II:: Powered Lift Truck Attachment for Handling Dumping & Rotating Drums. Capacity 2000lbs.

EL600-S::Easy Lift Ergonomic Drum Transporter with Doran Scale for accurate weighing of drums without the need of bulky drum floor scales. (+/- 0.10 lb)


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