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EJE60 Capacity 6,000 lbs.
The Multiton electric pallet truck, type EJE 60, is especially designed for the application requirements of particularly heavy loads up to 6000 lb. For lower pallet weights the EJE, as a result, provides very high capacity reserves especially for the intensive applications on ramps and in horizontal transportation.
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Operator Area:
The low hinged handle, the enclosed design, safety and emergency off push buttons provide a maximum of safety for the operator.

The multifunction handle head with progressive ergonomics provides optimum operator comfort and safety for the hands. All operator functions can be reached without change of grip. The operating push buttons for lifting/lowering are arranged on both sides.

Drive System:
Powerful 1.5 kW (1 hour rating) separately excited motor, vertical with high overload capacity and excellent efficiency. The two-stage gear unit operates at a particularly low noise level.

Brake System:
Electro-magnetic, disc brake acting directly on the motor shaft. For maneuvering in confined spaces with the handle in upright position, crawl speed may be activated. During this the brake is released automatically and travel is possible at reduced speed. Motor braking with energy reclamation in zero position of the drive switch. Automatic rollback protection on gradients. The drive control recognizes a roll back and automatically activates the brake.

Drive Wheel:
Vulkollan tires as standard, dia. 9.06" x 2.76" wide.

Load Wheel:
Vulkollan tires as standard, dia. 3.35" x 4.33" wide (tandem design).

Spring Loaded Side Support Casters:
Dia. 3.94", with Vulkollan tires. Built-in spring and hydraulic cushioning elements ensure high lateral stability in any travel situation.

Lifting and Lowering:
Compact unit with high pressure pump and sturdy series wound motor with 2 kW capacity.

Drive Control:
State of the art impulse control electronics permits for the first time a true speed control. Easy regulating of the speed via the drive switch in direction of travel and also when descending a gradient the prescribed speed is maintained. Full speed, independent of the load, i.e. also with full load the maximum permissible speed of 3.7 mph is achieved. The setting of the drive parameters acceleration, final speed and motor brake is possible via the impulse control. By means of an additional handle switch, crawl speed may be activated. For safe maneuvering in danger zones, the travel speed is automatically reduced to slow travel.

Rated for loads up to 6000 lb. Robust construction of elements of 0.31" thickness. The collision guard on the battery container provides additional protection for the chassis.

Battery / Charger:
4 options:
(1) 24 V Industrial (195 Ah)
(1) 24 V Industrial (225 Ah)
(1) 24 V Industrial (255 Ah)
(all with separate charger)

Easy Servicing:
All components are easily accessible

  • Fully MIG welded frame
  • Compact unit with high pressure pump and sturdy series wound motor with 2 kW capacity
  • Powerful 1.5 kW drive motor
  • Electronic speed controller
  • Handle automatically returns to upright position when not in use
  • Electromagnetic disk brake mounted on motor shaft
  • Regenerative Braking, automatic rollback protection on gradients
  • Automatically activated brake can be released with the handle in the upright position, allowing the operator to maneuver the truck with the crawl speed switch
  • 6 months warranty on parts, hydraulic unit and frame
Standard Specifications
  • Maintenance Free AC Drive Motor
  • Capacity: 6000 lb.
  • Fork Length: 48"
  • Width Over Forks: 27"
  • Lowered Height: 3.3"
  • Max. Raised Height: 8.2"
  • Steering Wheel: Vulkollan
  • Load Wheels: Vulkollan
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Key Lock, Horn
  • Crawl Speed with Handle in Upright Position
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Stability Casters

    NOTE: Order battery and charger separately from options below.
Model #
EJE 60 Electric Pallet Truck with Electric Lift
6000 lbs
200 AH / 24 Volt Battery?Charger Pack with Cover
195 AH 24 Volt Industrial Battery
255 AH 24 Volt Industrial Battery
24V Charger, 1 Phase 120 Volt , 13.9A, 40A DC Output
24V Charger, 1 Phase 120 Volt , 17.5A, 50A DC Output
24V Charger, 1 Phase 208/240 Volt , 12.1/10.4A, 60A DC Output
Battery Discharge Indicator with Lift interrupt/Hourmeter
Cold Store Package
Steering Wheel:Quartz (Sanded) in Lieu of Standard
Load Guard 48"
Load Guard 68"

Travel Speed:
  without load: 2.4/3.75 mph* / 6.0 km/h
  with full load: 2.4/3.75 mph* / 6.0 km/h
Lifting Speed:
  without load: 8.8 ft/min / 4.5 cm/s
  with load: 7.1 ft/min / 3.6 cm/s
Max. Gradient Performance:
  without load: 20%
  with full load: 8%
Service Weight:
  with battery 1036 lb. / 470 kg
Battery Compartment Dimensions:
width- 8.75" / 223 mm
length- 26.25" / 667 mm
depth- 26" / 660 mm
*Maximum speed is factory pre-set at 2.4 mph due to safety
concerns. Upon Dealer request, top speed can be increased to
3.7 mph at no additional charge before shipment.
capacity 4500 lbs./2000 kg
load center 24"/600 mm
wheel base, load section raised* 55"/1394 mm
overall width 27.6"/701 mm
length of drive unit 21.7" 550 mm
overall length 68.9"/1750 mm
width over the forks 26.8"/680 mm
fork width 6.3"/160 mm
track width with load section 14.5"/368 mm
turning radius, load section raised* 62.3"/1583 mm
lowered height 3.25"/83 mm
lift height 4.8"/122 mm
safety clearance 8"/200 mm
standard fork length 47.2"/1200 mm
Working aisle (pallet 40 x 48" lengthwise) 77.7" / 1974 mm
*Load section lowered add 2.01" (51 mm)


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