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Drum Dumpers

Make your job easier and your workplace safer with drum dumpers from SEI Equipment Corporation. In industrial settings, employee safety and productivity sometimes conflict for priority. Thanks to our ergonomic drum dumpers, proudly and skillfully made in America, safety is maintained as you enjoy efficient production with durable, smart equipment.

The Value of Workplace Safety
A safe workplace is worth more than its face value. Injured employees require rehabilitation or replacement--which may cost your operation in retraining expenses. Morale may drop with productivity, and before you know it, one injury has hurt the entire business. At SEI, safety is one of our chief concerns, so we feature products especially designed to keep workers out of harm's way.

Our Drum Haulers, for instance, can transport and dump drums or containers weighing up to a half ton; imagine the risk of doing this without the proper equipment. With 360-rotation capability and adjustable rotation speed (and clamping pressure), you can customize this machine for your specific needs, increasing efficiency and removing employees from potential dangerous situations. Instead of pushing carts or manually handling these large loads, operators can get more done with the well-designed systems that control this equipment.

An investment in quality drum dumping equipment is an investment in your company's future. We recognize this at SEI and want you to be satisfied with the equipment you choose. Ask about our Trial Towards Purchase Program that is available on many of our products; you'll get to witness first-hand how safety and efficiency can work together for your operation.

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Drum Hauler/Side Clamp Rotator:

Finally! A simple, safe and effective method that addresses the risks in manual materials handling in moving, lifting and lowering drums without a forklift - all while the drum remains completely in the vertical position.

From $23,000.00


Drum Hauler/Forward Clamp Rotator:

Forward Clamp Rotators are provided on single or two stage masts for applications where forward rotation is necessary. Rotators tilt drums forward 180 degrees for dispensing. Hinged jaws lined with white non-marking rubber, grip plastic, fibre and steel drums with diameters from 20" to 24".

From $24,250.00


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EL600-S::Easy Lift Ergonomic Drum Transporter with Doran Scale for accurate weighing of drums without the need of bulky drum floor scales. (+/- 0.10 lb)

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