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Drum Hauler DH80040 Drum Handling Equipment Drum Handler
Model DH800 Provides 20" of Lift
Model DH80040 Permits Double Stacking of Drums
Model DH800 w/ Galvanized Option Package
Optional: Eagle-Grip 4 Series Double Clamping Mechanism
These units are available on a trial towards purchase plan with all trial fees waived if purchased within trial period.
Powered Drum Transporter Non-Rotating Model
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Non-Rotating Drum-Hauler™ models provide a completely ergonomic solution to handling drums over manual handling. Equipped with Eagle-Grip™ single or double automatic clamping mechanism, Drum-Haulers™ provide the safest handling method for all chimed plastic, fibre and steel drums. The all powered lift and travel features allow any operator to:

• Handle drums in tightly confined areas and aisles
• Transport up and down ramps or inclined floors
• Remove or place drums on the side of a pallet, floor scale, conveyor or secondary containment pallet
• Remove or place drums inside flammable storage cabinets or drum warming ovens
• Load or unload trucks, trailers and oversea shipping containers either single or double stacked.

The low profile 57-5/8” tall mast of the DH800 gives operators great forward visibility while lifting the drum a minimum of 20” above the floor. Other masts are available for double or triple stacking drums.
Drum weight capacity is standard at 800 lb/ 363 kg.
but is available to 1500 lb/ 681 kg.

  • Drum Weight Capacity: 800 lbs. at 12'' L.C.! 
  • Drum Lift Height: 20'' to 108"! 
  • Voltage: 24 volt with ''E'' rating! 
  • Width: 28''; Length: 55''! 
  • Gradient performance - 15% empty, 10% @ 800lbs! 
  • Load Wheels: Tandem Polyurethane 3'' dia. X 4'' wide! 
  • Drive Wheel: Rubber 10'' dia. X 4'' wide! 
  • Battery: DEKA 24 volt industrial battery, 340 A.H. w/SB-175 Anderson connector! 
  • Eagle Gripô 3 series single clamping mechanism w/belt base! 
  • Handles all size chimed steel, plastic and fibre drums! 
  • MOS 90 Transistorized Speed Controller provides infinite variable speed! 
  • Brake: Adjustable electromagnetic disc type! 
  • Safety reversing switch with horn in handle! 
  • Safety stability casters! 
  • Battery discharge indicator-gauge type! 
  • Paint: Safety Yellow enamel! 
  • Eagle-Grip™ 4 double clamping mechanisms
  • Scales: Load cells and Digital Indicator for weighing
  • FDA approved epoxy for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Increased drum weight capacity
  • Increased forward drum reach
  • Headlights for entering dark trailers or containers
  • Factory Mutual Approved “EE” rating
Model #
Lift Height
DH800 Drum Hauler
800 lbs
350 lbs.
DH80040 Drum Hauler/40" of Lift Height
800 lbs
350 lbs.
DH80088 Additional Drum Lift Height to 88" vertical lift height (Two Stage Mast)
800 lbs
350 lbs.
Model #
-DCM Double Clamping Mechanism (EG4) in lieu of Single Clamping Mechanism (EG3)
DH1500 Increased Capacity available to 1500 lb.
Charger 24 Volt Auto Stop/Start Battery Charger (110Volt/1 phase/60 hertz)
Charger(Export) 24 Volt Auto Stop/Start Battery Charger (208/240/480/1 phase/50 hertz) Export Only
-SPA F.D.A. approved epoxy with Stainless Steel Hardware
EE "EE" Rating (Factory Mutual Approved)
-S Non-intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000XL Indicator
-IS Intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000IS Indicator-Class I,II,III, Div. 1,2 Group A,B,C,D,E,F,G


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