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Model RPM-3011-ADP is a automated drum palletizing system that is versatile and cost effective. Our Drum Palletizer can handle steel, plastic and Fibre Drums with the same tool. Depending on the size of the robot, The RPM-3000 series palletizer can handle drums from 50 lbs to 2000lbs. RPM-3011-ADP Robot Drum Palletizer can be operational withing 6 to 8 weeks ARO.


Why Purchase a Palletizer today?

  • Dramatically improve the health and safety of your employees
  • Build higher stacks and reduce cost of shipping
  • Increase output and deliver higher quality pallets


Advantages of SEI Robots vs. Conventional solutions
  • High repeatablility and precision
  • Continous operation, 365 days a year
  • Simple reprogramming and operation
  • Greater output per hour with consistently high quality
  • Higher quality compared with traditional methods
  • Flexible Adaptation to changing processes
  • Integrated sensors enable complex work processes
  • Reduced Workload for employees and lowers risk of injuries
  • Higher processing Speed than semi-automated or manual process
  • Standard Robot Sizes for use in the most varied of applications
  • Broad Product Range to cover an extremely wide range of requirements, payloads and reaches
bag palletizers
Machine Loading & Unloading
Press Tool Change Stamping Press Unloading & Loading Circuit Assembly

Justification for Using Robots as Found in Companies That are Using Robots

1. Reduced Labor Costs
2. improved prodcut Quality
3. Elimination of dangerous jobs
4. Increased output rate
5. Increased product flexibility
6. Reduced material waste
7. Compliance with OSHA regulations
8. Reduced labor turnover
9. Reduced capital cost


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