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Contact Us Today! Toll Free 1-877-775-2211 or e-mail us at
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Conveyors Systems

SEI Equipment designs, engineers, sells, installs, and services various conveyor systems. These systems below make up a small portion of the systems we offer. We have an installation ready to go and are ready to complete your next turn-key project.

To get started with a specific system simply choose from one below and contact for a free quote on the system of your choice.


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Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity  Roller Conveyor

Gravity conveyor is a cost effective (no power required) method of transporting product by using gravity or slope... more

Belt Conveyor

a belt conveyor system

SEI has several styles of belt conveyor incl. The main form of belt conveyors are slider beds and roller beds.... more

Live Conveyors

powered live roller conveyors

Live Roller Conveyors are conveying systems that allow the transport of products to and from multiple locations... more

Accumulation Conveyor

accumulation conveyors

Accumulation conveyor accumulation conveyors consist of zero pressure accumulation and variable pressure accumulation.... more

Chain Driven Conveyor

chain driven conveyor systems

Chain Driven Conveyors are ideal for environments with oil, contaminates, heavy loads, tote pans, castings, drums, pallet handling, etc... more

Pallet Conveyor

Pallet conveyors

Pallet handling is a vital part of production and distribution processes. It extends thorough the complete... more



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