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DH800108CREE-IS with optional scale, Clamp rotator and 108" of lift
Rubber Lined Clamping Jaws, handles plastic fibre or steel drums
Model DH80096CR shown with Clamp Rotator and 96" of lift
Compact Design, maneuvers in tight spaces DH80048CR
These units are available on a trial towards purchase plan, with all trial fees waived if purchased within trial period.
With Side Clamp Rotator
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Drum-Haulers™ make easy tasks of handling plastic, fibre and steel drums. This is the most ergonomic equipment available for transporting, manipulating, weighing and dispensing drums, with models suitable for most applications.
All models designed to fit through a standard 28” wide x 84” high doorway opening. Being completely counterbalanced units, having no outriggers as a means of stabilization, Drum Haulers™ are designed to work in tightly confined production areas. The large industrial battery provides enough power to run continuously for a 2-shift operation without recharging.

Side Hydraulic Clamp Rotators are the most compact and widely used of all Drum-Hauler™ models. Having a 27.25" overall width x 77-1/4" overall lowered height enables the transporting of drums through standard doorways and into tight production areas. Capable of removing or placing drums from pallets, pallet racking, cabinets, spill pallets and conveyors as well as dispensing by weight eliminates the need for several pieces of equipment in congested production areas.

  • Drum Weight Capacity: 800 lbs. at 12'' L.C.! 
  • Drum Lift Height: 20'' to 108"! 
  • Voltage: 24 volt with ''E'' rating! 
  • Width: 28''; Length: 55''! 
  • Gradient performance - 15% empty, 10% @ 800lbs! 
  • Load Wheels: Tandem Polyurethane 3'' dia. X 4'' wide! 
  • Drive Wheel: Rubber 10'' dia. X 4'' wide! 
  • Battery: DEKA 24 volt industrial battery, 340 A.H. w/SB-175 Anderson connector! 
  • Drum rotator - handles any size steel, poly or fibre drums and paper rolls!    
  • MOS 90 Transistorized Speed Controller provides infinite variable speed! 
  • Brake: Adjustable electromagnetic disc type! 
  • Safety reversing switch with horn in handle! 
  • Safety stability casters! 
  • Battery discharge indicator-gauge type! 
  • Paint: Safety Yellow enamel! 
  • 24 volt Auto Stop/Start Charger (110V)! 
  • Additional drum lift height
  • Increased Drum Weight Capacity! 
  • "EE" Rating (FM approval) 
  • Scales with or without intrinsically safe indicators. 
  • 180 degree FORWARD Drum Dumping
Model #
Lift Height
DH80048CR Drum Hauler/48" of Lift Height
800 lbs
2450 lbs.
DH80096CR Drum Hauler/96" of Lift Height
800 lbs
2450 lbs.
DH800108CR Additional Drum Lift Height to 108" vertical lift height (Two Stage Mast)
800 lbs
2450 lbs.
Model #
  Small Drum Adaptor
Charger 24 Volt Auto Stop/Start Battery Charger (110Volt/1 phase/60 hertz)
Charger(Export) 24 Volt Auto Stop/Start Battery Charger (208/240/480/1 phase/50 hertz) Export Only
-SPA F.D.A. approved epoxy with Stainless Steel Hardware
EE "EE" Rating (Factory Mutual Approved)
-S Non-intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000XL Indicator
-IS Intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000IS Indicator-Class I,II,III, Div. 1,2 Group A,B,C,D,E,F,G
  Battery Roll out Tray with conveyor stand to support 2 batteries. $2,600.00


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