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Fork pockets and safety chain provide quick installation to any lift truck.
Heavy duty positive clamping jaws provide safe high volume handling of steel and plastic drums.
Narrow fork (NF) models remove tightly nested drums without damage to nearby drums.
Single drum attachment can be converted to a double drum unit by adding another CM mast.
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Fork Mounted Drum Handlers

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Heavy Duty-Single Clamping Mechanism
1500 lb. Capacity per drum

The Eagle 3 Series of lift truck attachments utilize a heavy duty Eagle-Grip™ single automatic clamping mechanism for handling steel and plastic drums in high volume applications. The clamping mechanisms are completely mechanical requiring no hydraulic or electrical connections. 

Positive action jaws insure safe transporting of drums without damage to drum chimes. Carriage mounted models are available to mount directly on the carriage of most lift trucks for tight aisle applications.

Fork mounted models enable lift truck operators to install/remove the attachment in seconds without any tools. Totally enclosed fork pockets with attached safety chain and camlock secures the attachment to the lift truck. Fork mounted models can handle 1,2,3 or 4 drums simultaneously.

Attachments handling 2 or more 55-gallon drums are narrower than the width of the drums themselves. This makes easy unloading of drums which are tightly packed in trailers or overseas containers. Quick adjustable heads allow pickup of various drum heights. Standard heavy duty rubber belt bases support the lower side of the drum eliminating dents or cosmetic marring. 

Optional non-sparking jaws are available for the handling of flammables.

Made in U.S.A.

Grip & Weigh™ System

EAGLE-GRIP ™ 3 SERIES (Heavy Duty - Single Clamping Mechanism)
Model Capacity Weight  H x L x W Drums  Description 
(lbs/kg)  (lbs/kg)  (inches)  (mm) Handled 
EG3SCM-CM 1500/680 85/39 33x15x18 838x381x457 1 Carriage Mount
EG3SCM-NF 1500/680 200/91 37x47x24 940x1194x610 1 Narrow Fork Mount
EG3SCM-F 1500/680 290/132 37x47x33 940x1194x838 1 Adjustable Fork Mount
EG3SCM2-F 3000/1400 380/172 37x47x33 940x1194x838 1 or 2 Adjustable Fork Mount
Model #
Drums Handled
EG3SCM-CM Carriage Mount (Class II)
1500 lbs
EG3SCM-NF Narrow Fork Mount
1500 lbs
EG3SCM-F Adjustable Fork Mount
1500 lbs
EG3SCM2-F Adjustable Fork Mount
1500 lbs
1 or 2
Model #
-EX Spark Resistant Jaws(Price per clamping mechanism)
-QC-Single Quick Claw Safety Restraint System (Single Cam)
-QC-Double Quick Claw Safety Restraint System (Double Cam)
-S Non-intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000XL Indicator
-IS Intrinsically Safe Scale with Doran™ Model 8000IS Indicator-Class I,II,III, Div. 1,2 Group A,B,C,D,E,F,G


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